In addition to this blog you can keep in touch with the community in the following ways:

  • If you are a Posterous user you can subscribe to this blog
  • You can add the RSS feed of this blog to your RSS reader of choice

Other social media accounts are being recreated at this time.

Inworld contacts

The East River Community is a federation of groups, thus each group has different managers:

  • East River Community: Volchia Ferduccio
  • Great Tree of Mowry: Elisha Paklena, Mark Cassini
  • dj12 first land: dj12 Magic
  • East River Vineyards: Xi Larnia
  • East River Borough: Volchia Ferduccio
  • Dark Pleasures Estates: Ariana Blackheart
  • ERC Skiddaw Land: Clara Niosaki
  • East River Villages: daltonprock Resident
  • Most Serene Republic of San Marino: Wendi Nitely
  • East River Cheerway Intersim: vickitum Resident

We also have an inworld group for friends and supporters, and anyone wishing to be informed of our events. The group has free admission and you are welcome to join. Please search inworld for the East River Friendship Society.

For more general needs please send an IM to Volchia Ferduccio or Elisha Paklena.