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The East River Community is a federation of groups, thus each group has different managers:

  • East River Community: Volchia Ferduccio
  • Great Tree of Mowry: Elisha Paklena, Mark Cassini
  • dj12 first land: dj12 Magic
  • East River Vineyards: Xi Larnia
  • East River Borough: Volchia Ferduccio
  • Dark Pleasures Estates: Ariana Blackheart
  • ERC Skiddaw Land: Clara Niosaki
  • East River Villages: daltonprock Resident
  • Most Serene Republic of San Marino: Wendi Nitely
  • East River Municipal Airport: cowboychef Resident

We also have an inworld group for friends and supporters, and anyone wishing to be informed of our events. The group has free admission and you are welcome to join. Please search inworld for the East River Friendship Society.

For more general needs please send an IM to Volchia Ferduccio or Elisha Paklena.

You may also contact us by following the steps below...

Community Knowledgebase

Our community knowledgebase allows you to read about the history of East River Community. From the community charter, residential information, and so much more. Be sure to check it out and let us know if you think something should be added to our knowledgebase.

This knowledgebase is kept up to date regularly, be sure to take a look as you may miss something good.

Community Chat

Ever wonder what that little blip is on the side of our website? That is our little support chat widget. You are able to click on that to get quicker support from our support staff. That chat is open every day from 9:00AM to 10:00PM PST.

Please note: All of the help requests you submit within the chat are kept on record within our support desk.

Community Groups

Our inworld groups allow you to community with our many community staff and other community members. Just join our main East River Community group where you can chat with many different users who have been part of the community for so long. Please be sure to keep conversations to a PG rating.

Please be aware that most of our land groups are used for land management, depending on where you live will depend on which group you need to ask your questions on. If it is a community question, keep it in the community group.